About me

I am a PhD student at the Institute of Mathematics, University of Wrocław, where I am working on topics related to applications of statistics in proteomics. My advisors are Małgorzata Bogdan and Tomasz Burzykowski.

At the Institute of Mathematics, I teach an introductory course in R and I help students who want to learn R programming and data analysis.

Through my second advisor, I am associated with Center for Statistics@UHasselt. With researchers from CenStat, I work on topics in protein quantification.

I am also a software engineer for the MSstats package in Olga Vitek’s lab. I also collaborate with the Mass Spectrometry Lab@IBB PAS.

My interests focus around

  • applied statistics & biostatistics - particularly in proteomics,
  • statistical software development,
  • feature selection,
  • automation in data exploration.